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In the field of renewable energy Boostr is rapidly growing
in the world of miniaturized apparatus.

Why Boostr

We develop cutting-edge products whose objective is to facilitate people's lives

About the products

The Boostr collection of products, are not only high performance miniaturized boosters, compatible with all types of gasoline or diesel vehicles but it is also possible for you to charge any device that is battery operated with a USB and 12V such as cell phone, laptop, GPS, and Bluetooth tablet joystick. This device is very easy to use for both men and women from age 16 to 70.

An energy derived name

The name Boostr comes from the English word boost, meaning to increase and secondly, from the French term booster that means to stimulate, strengthen and propel. Thus, this term allows a simple pronunciation in both languages. The combination of all these characteristics perfectly reflects the advantages enjoyed by the user of our innovative devices.

Carry it everywhere

We are people passionate about technological evolution. With our extensive knowledge, we constantly strive to innovate by designing products that meet the market’s most stringent requirements. We believe it is essential to be visionary to realize what is essential in this ever changing world.

Increased compatibility

In the field of renewable energy, Boostr is rapidly growing in Canada in the world of miniaturized apparatus. Boostr offers consumers a range of cutting-edge products to meet a multitude of needs such as : boosting cars and trucks of all models, charging electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, camera or other electronic devices that are battery operated. The Boostr systems are extraordinarily useful in your the hectic lifestyle. Ingenious and efficient, the Boostr products offer outstanding features. Whether you are a student, a professional or an outdoor enthusiast, this device is essential to your lifestyle and adapts easily to any of your activities.


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